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We coordinate and successfully implement IT projects. Project management includes, among other things, project planning, on-site execution control, the acceptance of IT work packages and the identification and monitoring of defect rectification. We accompany you step by step in the development of your project.

The project manager is the liaison between development and the client or customer. He sets the time frame for the project and the planned scope. Furthermore, he or she keeps a close eye on the budget and the given goal.

An essential task of IT project management is to create the technical concept on the basis of various analyses and to initiate the necessary processes.

Phases of IT Project Management


Identify needs, assess feasibility, set budget, identify risks and create clear objectives.


Producing results, delegating tasks and ensuring open communication.


Track team progress and monitor the project with PM software.


Evaluate what went well and what did not go well.

Why is it worth it?

Representation of the client/principal towards all project participants

Safeguarding your interests and rights

Safeguarding interests in concluded contracts over the entire duration of the project

Release the principal/client from all delegable tasks

The involvement of a project manager in the awarding of planning and implementation contracts results in cost savings

Identifying and avoiding undesirable developments to achieve planned project goals

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