Project Management

IT Project Management as a link

We successfully coordinate and execute IT projects. Project management includes, among other things, project planning, on-site execution control, acceptance of IT work packages, and identification and monitoring of defect rectification. We guide you step by step through the development of your project.

The project manager is the liaison between development and the client or customer. He defines the time frame for the project as well as the planned scope. Furthermore, he or she keeps a close eye on the budget and the specified goal.

A key task of IT project management is to create the business concept on the basis of various analyses and to initiate the necessary processes.

Phases of IT Project Management

1. Planning

Determine needs, assess feasibility, set budget, identify risks, and create clear objectives.

2. Realization

Create deliverables, delegate tasks, and ensure open communication.

3. Monitoring

Track team progress and monitor the project with PM software.

4. Completion

Evaluate what went well and what did not go well.

Why is it worth it?

Representation of the client/customer in dealings with all parties involved in the project


Safeguarding your rights and interests


Safeguarding of interests in concluded contracts for the entire duration of the project


Release of the client/customer from all delegable tasks


The involvement of a project manager in the awarding of planning services and realization results in cost savings


Recognition and avoidance of undesirable developments to achieve planned project objectives

Want to know more?

Windows Server 2012 Migration

The technical migration of 1250 servers and the move from Windows Server 2012 were carried out.

The procedure was as follows:

  • Conceptual design, data preparation and planning of the target state
  • Documentation and preparation of the actual state
  • Derivation of measures and recommendations for the migration
  • Planning and coordination of the migration path
  • Management of suppliers and service providers
  • Stakeholder management to ensure support for the project
  • Preparation of a report for the project manager
  • Preparation of documentation and reporting

Migration von Microsoft Server 2012

Die technische Migration von 1250 Servern und der Umzug von Windows Server 2012 wurden durchgeführt.

Dabei wurde wie folgt vorgegangen:

  • Konzeptionierung, Datenaufbereitung und Planung des Zielzustandes
  • Dokumentation und Aufbereitung des Ist-Zustandes
  • Ableitung von Maßnahmen und Empfehlungen für die Migration
  • Planung und Koordination des Migrationspfades
  • Management von Lieferanten und Dienstleistern
  • Stakeholder-Management zur Sicherstellung der Unterstützung des Projekts
  • Erstellung eines Berichtes für den Projektleiter
  • Erstellung Dokumentation und Reporting